Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Winter Solstice is a time of deep Magick. It marks a time when the Earth is farthest from the Sun and vegetative-life appears to die. The longest night of the year also heralds the beginning of the return of the Sun and therefore the return of life. The cyclic nature of the seasons exemplifies an observable truth that nothing truly dies.

It is no coincidence that the religions of antiquity have uniformly chosen to mark this time of year as their most sacred. It’s a time to pull one’s resources and share with your closest friends and family whether in feasting or in gift-giving. Now that we have arrived at the end of 2019 EV we share with you this, the last issue in our zine’s theme of The Four Powers of the Sphinx.

The Fourth Power is TACERE, Latin for “to keep SILENT.” Arguably the magician’s most powerful tool in their arsenal to accomplish the Great Work. During your life it is unlikely that you will ever experience literal SILENCE. Even in the womb, we hear our mother’s heart beat. SILENCE is not the absence of sound but the inward stillness of the buddhists. The word is the vibration of sound and to keep silent is to wield that force. The wise magician learns to use SILENCE as both a sword and a shield.

Thank you for picking up our little zine and I hope you will join with us this new year Anno Vvi for our next Volume, American Magicians. Be sure and visit the Tacere Art Gallery to see expanded versions of the artwork featured in this issue. We end as we began, in SILENCE.

Love is the law, love under will.
The Sheriff

Flipping on the Short Edge (or Layout for your own Zine)

An unexpected challenge in using a computer to create a zine is the page layout. Because we wanted to focus on art, we decided to go with half-page booklets rather than the traditional zine spread. When printing double-sided then folding into a booklet, there are specific steps you must take before printing.

First, you must distinguish between the reader layout versus the printing layout. I made a google document to help me visualize this when we worked on our first issue. My cheesy layout doc might be helpful when constructing your own booklet. Here is the link to the layout document in case you want to save or print it.

Next, I recommend converting your document to a pdf (especially if you’re visiting a print shop). In your printing preferences, print double-sided and select the option to flip on short edge.

Finally, fold each page individually and wow your friends with your ability to Flip on the Short Edge.