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Star by liminalis

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Happy AutumnalEquinox and Blessed Mabon. As far-flung family and friends in colder climates celebrate the emergence of red and gold leaves and prepare for the cold, desert dwellers pause as we retune our ears to the subtle inhalations of our mother Sekhmet. It takes courage, audacity, and daring to live and create in the Valley of Las Vegas – and this, Audere, is the Sphingate power we have set out to explore in the third issue of The Canon.

Whether growing up gay in a small #Nevada town, singing your soul into a microphone, confronting abuse, battling addiction, or fighting for your beliefs, life is a series of negotiations with courage. However, courage (and its cousins fear, anxiety, resolve, determination, etc.) can be difficult to define. For this reason, poetry and lyric are powerful tools for exploring this particular power of the Sphinx. This issue, our many poets and lyricists are staff writer Brenden K. Jones (who is also the man behind Midnight Disease), Wyatt McKenzie of local band Mother McKenzie, and the enigmatic Soror Rose. Newcomers to the zine are Michelle Hall, a Las Vegas native and tattoo artist, and former Las Vegas resident Michael Soltero.

Meanwhile, staff writer and screenwriter Fr. Bruder von Einer Anderen – Mutter continues his multi-part history of Thelema in the Valley of Las Vegas and Brother Michael Mukundadas Makowsky shares some of his origin story. For our soundtrack, Sounding keeps things real with Man Inside the Sun and Formyle tells the audacious story of American martyr John Brown.

And as usual, our pages are filled with as much visual art as we can manage. Michelle Hall has honored us by sharing Nuit, and the zine editors (that is, me and the Sheriff, aka Chad Martinez) have pulled an assortment of images from our psyches.

Before I sign off, I should mention that we now have subscriptions available via our website

The Canon is a labor of love and all sales go into printing and promoting the zine. Thank you to all of our subscribers and supporters, especially those who aren’t related to us.

Love is the law, love under will.