Call for Occult Artists

Deadline: September 1st, 2020 e.v.

The 2020 e.v. theme for the Canon is American Magicians. Author, magician, and founder of the Satanic Church Anton LaVey is the subject of the Fall Equinox issue of the Canon.

The editors of the Canon invite occultists of all kinds to submit work related to and inspired by the critical examination of Lavey’s notoriety, image, life, and legacy. Successful submissions will explore intersections of relevant themes.

Examples of broad themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Satanism & the Church of Satan;
  • Sensationalism & notoriety;
  • The carnivalesque;
  • Egoism;
  • Hypocrisy in belief systems;
  • Camp

The editors would also like to remind interested artists that the Fall Equinox is less than one month away from Halloween/Samhain. Associated imagery, music, writing, etc. is strongly and cheekily encouraged.

Artists must be at least 18 years old. Special consideration will be given to artists living in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, but residency is not a requirement Submissions must be original creations of the artist and the artist must have all applicable licensing and copyright ownership to the art. In the case of mixed media or collage, the art work must be transformative and distinct from the original materials used as to qualify it for Fair Use protection.

Art Requirements

  • Must be suitable for reproduction in black & white format
  • Visual art must be high resolution photographs or scans submitted as either .jpg or .png
  • Sound and video must be no larger than 30 MB and submitted as either compressed mp3s or mp4s
  • Written pieces must be between 100 and 500 words and submitted using a google doc url. No pdfs.

Space is limited and final selection of submissions will be determined by the Editors of The Canon.

By submitting your artwork you agree that The Canon can publish your material in the Zine and on the Canon website and related social media channels. You agree that art may be cropped and color corrected, writing will be edited for clarity, but submissions will otherwise not be altered and all work will be attributed to the owner. Accepted artists will be given a copy of the zine featuring their work but they will not be compensated in any other form.

Email with any questions.

Submission form:
(or click here to open form in a new tab)