Flipping on the Short Edge (or Layout for your own Zine)

An unexpected challenge in using a computer to create a zine is the page layout. Because we wanted to focus on art, we decided to go with half-page booklets rather than the traditional zine spread. When printing double-sided then folding into a booklet, there are specific steps you must take before printing.

First, you must distinguish between the reader layout versus the printing layout. I made a google document to help me visualize this when we worked on our first issue. My cheesy layout doc might be helpful when constructing your own booklet. Here is the link to the layout document in case you want to save or print it.

Next, I recommend converting your document to a pdf (especially if you’re visiting a print shop). In your printing preferences, print double-sided and select the option to flip on short edge.

Finally, fold each page individually and wow your friends with your ability to Flip on the Short Edge.